Continuing the theme of the week Changes in my living room decoration this time I present the new Gallery Wall . You will find what paintings, photographs, drawings and illustrations form the composition of pictures, how I composed it and some tricks and tips to carry out yours.

In my living room, as you saw in the post  The decoration of MY LIVING ROOM: design,

one of the walls is a length of 7.5 m long with a radiator in the middle.

According to the furniture distribution that I chose, and that you can see in that same post, that wall was going to be quite free of furniture.

One of the first ideas that came to my head was to create a Gallery Wall , that is, a composition of paintings with paintings, photos and illustrations.

This composition would go in the central area of the wall just above the radiator, to take out protagonism to it and to act as a visual connection between the two areas of the living room: eating and living.

composición de cuadros

Photo © Home archiLAB

I had the happy idea to accompany and entertain anyone who walked across the room. It may sound very poetic but the truth is that in my incessant ways to the craft lab (the terrace) there is not a single time that I don’t stop to look at some of its details.

Also it is not the same to be lying on the sofa with a good book and have a long and boring background or have a nice backdrop.

wall galleryPhoto © Home archiLAB

The photographs that compose it are mine, of trips that I have made and I like to remember through the photos.

The paintings are some of mine, such as the mouths, which was the first thing I painted in my life and that’s why it’s special. Or the naked silhouette.

composición de cuadros

Photo © Home archiLAB

There are also two illustrations that are not painted by me: one of them is the blue one on the golden frame that is a comic illustration that represents exactly the part of Dublin in which we live. I bought it with the idea that this stage always comes with us wherever we go.

The other illustration, under the plant, is a watercolor that Carlos bought in Rome when he lived there and I had already told you about it before in The decoration of MY LIVING ROOM: Final result but this time it was in a very different location.wall gallery

Photo © Home archiLAB

I also hung a painting that we bought in Bagan (Burma) on our honeymoon.

What better way to evoke that great experience than through native art!
decoración cuadros

Photo © Home archiLAB

Getting to this composition took me a while and after a lot of tests.

I can not tell you the magic formula but I can give you some advice after having gone through the process.
wall with pictures

Photo © Home archiLAB

TIPS to set up your own Gallery Wall:

1- Keep the color palette of the room

Knowing how to choose the photographs or illustrations so they harmonize with the color palette of your home is a fundamental point. Try to keep this palette limited and do not put too many different colors.

hanging wall

Photos: Emily Henderson

Notice how in both images the pictures go mix perfectly with the other colors.

2- Mix sheets, paintings and drawings.

Choose things that you like a lot, that mean something special to you or that remind you of an experience, a trip for example. If you also mix different types of illustrations such as paintings, sketches, a map, photographs, etc. You will enrich the composition much more.

decoración cuadros

Photos: Emily Henderson

The type of paintings or illustrations, their size and composition, determine the final appearance and style that we will get as you see in the previous photo series.

My recommendation is that you always choose things that say something about you because it will reflect your essence. You will love to see them and your guests will think “this house is very you”.

EXTRA TIP: Insert some element that breaks the rules like for example a plant in a support, a sculpture, a hat, a clock or any piece that changes the rhythm and captures the attention. I’ll explain more below.
composición de cuadros

Photo © Home archiLAB

3- Make a diagram on the wall with pieces of cardboard or tape such as washi tape.

This will help you get an idea of the total size, the gap between pieces and the balance between them. In addition, afterwards, it will be very easy for you to hang each picture in its place within the space delimited for it.

photos on the wall

Photo: Arts Melange

Leave the composition laid with adhesive tape for a few days hanging on the wall to adapt to it and analyzing if you like, the feelings it provokes, if you think something is missing or is unbalanced.

Many times the feelings we get from something is the best advice to know that it works.

IMPORTATE: Keep the same separation between the frames in both directions.

4- Balances the set.

Place in the center some bigger or special piece for you as a focal point and continue with the other creditor pieces balancing them in visual weight.

composicion de cuadros

Photo © Home archiLAB

I know that this balance can sound very distant: “already the artists with that of balance and harmony” … And certainly it is something difficult to explain in a few lines.

But what I want you to be clear is that nothing is right or wrong, in these things. It counts a lot what you like.

The idea is to balance each piece with another of the composition in size or visual weight. Avoid accumulating all pictures of similar size in one area and those of another size in another.

For example, let’s look at my case:
composición de cuadros

Photo © Home archiLAB

The black and white photograph of the alley (it’s an Edinburgh Cluster) is balanced with the lips painting in size and visual weight. The visual weight of the photograph is high because the frame is black and can be considered to be the focal center of the composition.

The painting of the lips is the same size and although it has no frame, it has a lot of black and therefore weighs visually.

The illustration of Dublin and the sketch of the naked body are balanced with the watercolor of Rome and the plant, the opposites being (naked plant and sketch) the different pieces of the composition. Remember that the color and type of frame has a lot of influence on the balance.

The three small upper photographs (top right) are balanced with the painting of the Bagan pagodas (bottom left).

EXTRA TIP: Breaking the alignment at the edges is a good trick to make it a relaxed composition and prints a lot of movement even though it is perfectly balanced.

5- Size matters.

Do not be afraid to completely fill the wall, even to hang very low pictures.

A Gallery wall works well when it has entity, that is, when it has a considerable number of elements.

composición de cuadros

Photo:  Pinterest

In this image you can see how the composition completely fills the wall behind the sofa making it the protagonist and reinforcing the color palette with the cushions.

At first I started with a Gallery Wall that did not work. The composition has a balanced tension. I studied it a lot with Photoshop before I hung it.
gallery wall

Photo © Home archiLAB

But once on the wall it was disproportionate, because the wall was still huge and was understood as something anecdotal in the center rather than a Gallery Wall . It needed to grow.
wall gallery

Photo © Home archiLAB

I love it as it does background in any perspective, even in the reflection of the mirror:
wall gallery

Photo © Home archiLAB

It is not necessary to have a huge wall for your own Gallery Wall .

EXTRA TIP: A Gallery is a perfect trick to “hide” the TV.

composición de cuadros

Photo: Casa Haus

The Gallery Wall is generated around the television to take away protagonism and that it forms part of the set.
composición de cuadros

Photo: Casa Haus

wall gallery

Photo: Dr. Livinghome

The pictures go from the lowest part of the ceiling and in the latter case there is a breaking element as is the hanging plant.

I also introduced this idea in my Gallery Wall because I found it very interesting, as I told you before.

The hanging plant leads the eye down through it to the Rome painting. In turn this watercolor painting is very close to the auxiliary table of the reading corner that I presented in the post  Changes in my living room decoration. The same tones are repeated and a connection is achieved.

I must confess that this detail is my favorite of the whole room.

pared con cuadros

Photo © Home archiLAB

To finish off, I leave you a few wonderful examples of Gallery Wall in which you can see how interesting they are for their color, composition or content.

composición de cuadros Photo: The Zoe report

The composition on a color wall highlights it and gives it prominence. Look at the set of frames and sizes. Although it looks very randomly hung there are only 4 columns of the same width though. The edges are not aligned and this gives it movement.

decoración cuadros Photo: The Zoe report

In this Gallery Wall they highlight the illustrations in a limited range of colors. The plant on the piece of furniture is part of the balance, completing the empty wall area. This makes a perfect connection.

composición de cuadros Photo: Emily Henderson

A great Gallery Wall that gets a bright, cheerful, cool, fun and young space along with the vividly colored sofas.

hanging wallPhoto: MIV Interiores

On the contrary here we see a composition in pastel tones with sketches and drawings in the same shades of the bedroom that produce much peace.

Here the composition is small because it develops on a vertical axis that is the hanging lamp and its function is to complete the bedside table.

gallery wallPhoto: Emily Henderson

This is an example of a Gallery Wall in a very peculiar kitchen. Only the black and white and the golden color are given here but the size of the Gallery Wall makes this a corner with a lot of personality.
pictures on the wall

Photo: Blog Lovin

A simple gesture like this for a corner of a corridor can give a fresh and exciting touch to a space that is usually the opposite.

Turning the Gallery Wall around the corner to continue on the other side adds a 3D effect that accompanies the natural movement of that circular spinning space.

In this case it works very well to keep the same type of frame to get it understood as a whole and only play with the sizes.

And if you do not want to put pictures, paintings, illustrations or drawings … A great idea is to make a Gallery Wall with framed leaves.
wall gallery

Photo: Deleite design

Or you can use baskets or other items you love.
wall gallery

Photo: Pepitablanca

What do you think of the idea?

If after all these tips you continue without daring I will give you the DEFINITIVE TIP to create your own Gallery Wall:

EXTRA TIP: Find a Gallery Wall you like and think it fits in your space and imitate it.

You may be thinking, what kind of advice is that!!! But believe me, it’s what 100% sure will work and many times when you still have no criteria in something, it is the best way to not go wrong.

On the internet there are millions of images of Gallery Walls. I’m sure it will not be too complicated to find one with features similar to those you are looking for in terms of overall size and frame size and balance. Locate it, and from it create your own always maintaining the proportion and it will be a sure hit.

Get going!