A few days ago we saw how to decorate a living room and the whole process of designing my design in Dublin (you can see it again here if you missed it: The decoration of MY LIVING ROOM: design). Now I bring you the final result of the decoration with an extensive tour with photos.

The truth is that I wanted to show you, but I wanted to have it more or less finished.

I say more or less because the reality is that my decoration is never quiet, every week or as I can imagine an idea I try, I move this and the other and I get better every day. Poor Charlie always finds the house different every time he returns from his frequent work trips. This also makes me never tire and satiate my creative cravings quite …

To begin with, as we saw at the end of the other post, the color palette was based on the triadic colors of burgundy red (color of the sofa).

A good way to find out a little about the color palette you need is using for example this CROMATIC CIRCLE

application or any other you find on the internet.

Starting with a color, either something you want to preserve or a color that you like a lot for your living room, you can analyze the possible palettes that combine with it for the complementary, triadic, tetrad, analog or similar.



decorar un salon

You can adjust it until you find the palette that you like.

In my case the result was this:

decorar un salon

I remember the final distribution for which I chose, which we also saw in the previous post (The decoration of MY LIVING ROOM: design): ideas para decorar un salon

And without further ado I’ll show you the result:

decorar un salon

This is the sitting part, with the sofa dividing the space into two areas.

The sofa we brought from our previous stage but the furniture of the TV, the sideboard, the coffee table, the floor lamp, the armchair and the staircase shelves are the new online acquisitions that I made after a long process of deliberation on the basis To my needs and budget.
decorar el salon

As I said, the view from the big window is a great backdrop. Another thing not, but green in Dublin is the one you want … and that we have to take advantage of now that we are here!
como decorar un salon

The repetition of objects in the colors of the palette makes it impregnate throughout the room.
decorar un salon

The burgundy and mint branches do not think that I have found them just from those colors. I had those branches that were yellow and I painted them in the range that suited me. It is a very practical and inexpensive way to adapt things you already have.
salones decoracion

The main furniture (TV and dresser) are the only ones that are going to play.

They are made of oak with matching black legs with dining table and chairs that were also going to stay with us for a longer time (although I have DIY ideas for them.)
ideas decoration salon

The mirror and the floor lamp are of industrial style.

The mixture of styles is not lacking in my decoration because I think it enriches it and makes it much more special.

This is one of my favorite salon vignettes, partly by the mirror but also by the floor. It is very funny because it is born with red leaves and it is going green with the height.

There is nothing that excites me more than seeing my little plants grow! Clearly without them, my decor would not be the same.
decorar un salon

Part of the reason also of the mixture of styles is that it had this old radio, inheritance of Charlie’s grandfathers and that is the jewel of the crown for us.

To put it I did with this industrial wheeled trunk that also serves as storage for those things in the house that you do not use very often. It is just behind the sofa and is the first thing you see when entering the living room.

Also in my living room I also have a wall gallery, as you see in the background, made with photos of me. The truth is that it is still unfinished and I will teach you better when I finish.
como decorar un salon

As for the shelves, it was one of the things I first decided as I had a few books (not many but very dear ones) that I wanted to place.

To decorate shelves you have to mix objects and plants with books, to break the monotony and capture the attention.

The creeper makes when looking at the shelf your eye goes down by following it and runs each shelf.

Above it all there is an old train, you see? It is the first gift I made to Charlie shortly after we met and symbolized the moment in which we met because … yes, we met on the train!
decorar el salon

The square coffee table replicates the taking of the seating space that presides. It is made of black metal and crystal.

This table with its lightness and its color looks to put a breaking point on the solid wooden furniture and connects with the black glass dining table that we already had.
ideas para decorar un salon

A good trick to use in decorating is to group objects with trays. With this you will get it not messy and 4 things are understood as one.
decorar un salon

Here you can see the reading corner with the armchair, the clock, the lamp and the magazine that is simply a metal basket.

The English flag box was also brought from our previous house (I bought it to remember the stage of Charlie living in London) and we used it to put the couch blankets.

You already saw something of this corner in the post aboutdecoration with branches

Do you remember? Although it has evolved, like everything in this house …

como decorar un salon

If we look at the details, I have included in my decoration multitude of special objects that I have brought from my travels. For example this wood carving of the typical fishing boats on Inle Lake of Myanmar.
ideas decoracion salon

Or this teapot and two handmade bowls made by the inhabitants of this lake with bamboo and lacquer wood.
decorar un salon

On the mantelpiece, far from putting the typical row of photos, these two treasures of our trip to the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas show: an old iron purchased from a street market in Santo Domingo and a conch from Bahamas beach, which By the way, it is the same as we ate (its content) in a rich salad that was prepared by the tour guide.
decorar el salon

The globe is another very special element for us because it was the “signature book” of our wedding and every time I see it I remember that fantastic day. Even from time to time I give him some laps and I read some dedications, all of people very dear that now is very far and we miss!

As you will see what I want to convey is that you decorate with special objects for yourself, a trip, a special moment or a last stage of your life, etc. And you will always love it. At the same time it will be unique and unrepeatable and will reflect a part of you that anyone who enters the house will appreciate (and envy, healthy).

decorar un salon

To finish this is an old well-known corner that I already taught you in the post Makeover of a classic console with Chalk Paint (if you did not see it by clicking you can see the details of the sides of the drawers that make it so special). The old console that gave us the Aunt L and I painted in one of the colors of the saloon palette.

We have it just as we enter, as there is no space for a single piece of furniture in the hall, and it does us the same thing here (Charlie’s favorite drawers to leave the most unsuspected objects …).

The film is a watercolor that Charlie bought in Rome when he was living there and reminds him of that stage (it will be in stages that Charlie has to remember … he has lived in the middle of the world!)

And of course my favorite plant, Pilea, welcomes any guest.

What did you think of my room?