In the kitchen not only do you spend time cooking, if the size allows it, it is usually used as a living room or any other use: who hasn’t done their homework or has worked with their laptop in the kitchen?

In many homes, the kitchen is the center of everything. Without forgetting that it has to be functional when it comes to cooking, we must feel comfortable in it. It is one more stay to pay attention to its decoration.

In this first part I want to talk about the aesthetic theme and for this I bring you these 10 trends in kitchens:

1- Only plucking where needed

tendencias en cocinas  tendencias en cocinas

Photo1: Brit; Photo 2: Apartment Therapy.

The retiling down to the last corner of the kitchen has gone out of style. It is increasingly common for kitchens to be integrated into the room and to be part of the whole.

Whether or not it is independent, only retile those parts that areis necessary and also with this you will save a good pinch of money.

This applies to both the walls and the floor.

From the walls, it will be necessary to put some lining to allow cleaning on the front just above the bench, whether tiles or glass, steel, etc.,

Regarding the floor, if you have a line kitchen, only a suitable flooring near the work area of the kitchen will be necessary. In addition there are very interesting ways to make the transition between a wooden floor and a ceramic that allows solving the junction in kitchens integrated in the living room.

2- Tiled with color joint

tendencias en cocinas  tendencias en cocinas

Photo1:Sea of girasoles; Photo 2: Decoralia

It is the best solution to convert a tile that “says nothing” into a more current and different tile. Needless to say, this solution looks great with smooth tiles. It brings a retro air that goes very well with kitchens with some color.

Don’t just think of accentuating the joints in black. Joints in green or red can have a very special touch in a more sober kitchen.

3- Kitchen furniture that does not look like it

tendencias en cocinas  tendencias en cocinas

Photo1: Homey oh my; Photo 2: Bloglovin

We talked about how it is more and more usual for kitchens to integrate in the house and stop being spaces relegated for cooking. Treating this space as another one of the house will make you feel like in your living room. And this means decorating and pampering it like your living room!

4- Decorate with metals: gold, bronze, brass or copper
tendencias en cocinasPhoto: French by design

Gold is fashionable and has room also in the kitchen. In faucets, lamps or even in handles. With the metals you can give a more modern air to the kitchen. If you just want to give it a subtle touch, shooters can be a good choice since you can change them when you get tired of them without problem and without a great cost.

5- Black or gold taps

tendencias en cocinas  tendencias en cocinas

Photo 1: Tres studio; Photo 2: Kim Gray

With a faucet that is not only has a special design, but also the color, you can get an everyday element become a unique piece.

6- Lamps with lots of personality
tendencias en cocinasPhoto: Apartment Therapy

The lights on the bars or kitchen islands are fundamental as well as being very fashionable. Sculptural or industrial lamps, even antique, that directly illuminate the work surface and that are the focal point of the kitchen.

7- Playing with geometry
tendencias en cocinasPhoto: Casa en orden

If you do not dare with something more extreme in the furniture and you like the soft tones and the calm surroundings, you can add a touch of movement playing with the geometry of the tiling, or even with that of the floor.

8- Color Contrast

tendencias en cocinas  tendencias en cocinas

Photo 1: Terkultura; Photo 2: Bemydeco

Dark colors are totally trend. Create strong contrasts between furniture and walls that can even reach black. A deep blue is a good candidate to make this kind of contrast in kitchens

9- Include shelves instead of tall furniture

tendencias en cocinas  tendencias en cocinas

Photo 1: The design tabloid; Photo 2: Decoralia

Dispense tall furniture and place shelves in place.

It allows you to have everything more at hand and lighten the visual weight of so much furniture in such a small space. If you think about it, it is something you would not do in your living room (fill the space of furniture)

If you do not like to have everything in sight, you can do it alone in an area of the kitchen to break the monotony of furniture and place plants and useful objects.

By the way, here you can see a kitchen with black furniture that links to the previous point.

10- Pastel colors

tendencias en cocinas  tendencias en cocinas

Photo 1:  Baldini architecture; Photo 2: Decoralia

I have left for the end what is one of my favorite points: pastel colors.

The pastel colors like pastel blue, pink, yellow … have a lot to do with the vintage decor and makes the kitchen a more flirty and cozy space. We can introduce them in all the space through the furniture or the coverings, or in small details like the kitchen utensils, the tables, etc.

Don’t tell me that the combination of dusty rose and mint in the furniture is not cool!

The key is to combine them with black to keep it from being pretentious.

You can see in the two previous kitchens the use of geometry in the pavement.

tendencias en cocinas  tendencias en cocinas

Photo 1: Decor8blog; Photo 2: Superfront

To finish off and talk about the pastel kitchens, I’ll show you these two from Reform and Superfront

to show you a design alternative to Ikea kitchens. Yes, from Ikea! Both Reform and Superfront provide you with the fronts of the furniture and drawers, the internal structure of the furniture being a basic Ikea kitchen.

With this option you can get a design kitchen without leaving your tight budget. You can even change the fronts to an old Ikea kitchen and make it look like a brand new kitchen.


Would you find this option interesting if you had to change your kitchen?

(Reedited: You can see the second part of this post here:  Kitchen dimensions)