This week I have some very special guests at home, my 6 and 8 year old nephews who have signed up for a 15-day Summer Camp in Dublin. So, completely immersed in the world of children, the theme could not be other than how to decorate a baby or toddler room. If you do not know where to start or what to choose, I am sure you will find in one of these 45 proposals the inspiration you need.

There are many ways to imagine this space for the baby or the child, the possibilities are infinite, and depends on many variables that will have to be chosen or discarded until you get it right with what you are looking for. To help you clarify all this process we will take a tour of some examples.

If you read the blog frequently you will know that I always say that one of the most important things to get right with your decoration is to talk about yourself, to identify with the style and make it very “you”. And in this case it was not going to be different!

TIP 1: The children’s space does not have to be an oasis within the decoration of the house that has nothing to do with it, it can (and should) perfectly adapt to the decorative style that characterizes you.

Also, kitschy rooms are becoming less and less popular. Mi piece of advice to you is that you opt for being practical, something that goes with your style and that stimulates the child.

To begin a first general piece of advice:

TIP 2: Focus the decoration more on the child than on the baby. Look for furniture that can be used in the long term because if you do not, in a few months you will find yourself having to face a redecoration. Also, let’s face it, the baby will really be in the whole house and the time you spend in this space the first few months is going to be minimal, so focus on what activities you are going to do in it (change it, breastfeed , Sleeping, etc.) and adapt to make them as comfortable as possible.
decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Hand made Charlotte

We are going to enter into the design of these types of children’s rooms from different perspectives:

  1. Need / utility
  2. Decorative elements
  3. Decorative style
  4. Color range


It depends a lot on the dimensions of the room, but there are several elements that cannot be missed and others that you can choose depending on the space you have.


On whether to choose one or another option a whole book could be written. What really worries parents is if the child could fall out of the bed. The crib is nothing more than a bed with protection, to make sure the baby doesn’t fall.

A good solution can be a bed type Montesori (low bed on the floor) that has the advantage of giving the child autonomy to go up and down, there is no danger if you fall out of bed and allow them freedom, stimuli and vision, something that with bars in a crib you do not have. Also, this option will be valid much longer than a traditional crib.

decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Petit and small

There are also cribs that are transformed into beds like the one in the following photo, in which the upper part of the bars can be removed and is transformed into a low bed (as can be seen in the boards):

decoracion habitacion de bebe

Photo: Inside Out

  • If you are going to breastfeed your baby it will be very useful to have a comfortable armchair or rocker in your room for this need, or to sleep. And there is always good support to leave clothes or anything else temporarily while you change the baby.

habitacion bebe niño

Photo: Pinterest

  • In my opinion buying a changer is not necessary since as I said in the first point, in a short time this furniture will cease to make sense in the room and no application in the rest of the house.I find it much more practical to buy a chest of drawers that will always serve to store clothes, whatever the time, and adapt a mattress-changer on it.

decoracion niños

Photo: El Blog de Masha

  • BAGS OR BASKETS FOR TOYSIt is important that the child be able to access the places where he has his/her toys, so using baskets or kraft bags on the floor that they will be able to access freely, both to play as well as to tidy-up is a great way to decorate the room.

ideas para decorar habitacion bebe

Photo: Pinterest

decoracion de dormitorios infantiles

Photo: The cozy space


  • SHELVESEspecially if the room is small, it is interesting to think about the storage in height.

    Some shelves on the wall or hanging, like this idea that you can make yourself, let you have everything handy.

como decorar una habitacion de bebe

Photo: 100 Layer Cake-let;

Even a shelf swing like the one I made to place your dolls, decorates while being practical and you have everything at hand. You can see in the following link the very easy process of how I made this shelf with a branch to prepare the room for my nephews: KIDS’ DECORATION: A SHELF SWING

decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo © Homearchilab

And what about this idea of totally DIY wall shelves.

In my opinion it is double TOP! Really easy and original.

decoracion pared bebe

Photo: Pinterest

Looking ahead to when it’s older is a good idea to have the books and stories you like the most and wall shelves will help keep everything in place.

decorar habitacion de niño

Photo: Apartament Therapy


If you follow or are interested in Montessori education you will know that this is one of its recommendations and to me it seems very practical and educational.

It is interesting that they themselves get to take their jacket when they learn to do it and have total independence.

decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Carnets Parisiens

Also this idea of the cactus hanger is a DIY that you can do yourself by following the following caption. Twice as interesting !!


It is one of the important elements in a child’s room because they always play on the floor (confirmed with my nephews this week and that they are not so young). This will be your ideal space to play freely.

decoracion habitacion de bebe

Photo: Pinterest

Linking to the previous point of the Montessori low bed, if you opt for it, you will make sure that if you “fall” out of the bed he will land on the carpet, which is warm and comfortable.

decoracion pared bebe

Photo: El Blog de Masha

  • GAME SPACEEspecially in those larger rooms you can create a play corner with a table and chairs of its size.

decorar habitacion de bebe decorar habitacion de bebe

Photos: Petit and small

Or with a Tippi, which is nothing more than an Indian tent with cushions, in which you can get in to play.

I used to love being a little kid in big cardboard boxes and playing that this was my house. I wish I could have had a Tippi!



The wallpaper can give a lot of character to the decoration of a room.

In the following example you can see how the cactus paper is the absolute protagonist and it does not take much more to decorate the room. Keeping the color palette with whites, wood tones and natural fibers is sufficient.

decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Mademoiselle Claudine

  • STICKERS OR VINYLSVinyl or wall stickers are a much more economical and versatile resource than wallpaper because they can be removed without damaging the wall (highly recommended for rented apartments where it is more difficult to think of placing wallpaper).

decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo 2: Petit and small

I myself have used them in the decoration of the shelf with the branch that I taught you before and are easy and cheap to place, in addition to looking really nice.


The washi tape has a thousand possibilities and especially when talking about a children’s room. You can fill a wall with a motif made with this ribbon or draw with it a city skyline or the profile of a mountain.

decoración niños

Photo: Design Sponge

ideas para decorar habitación bebe

Photo: The Boo and the boy

decoración pared bebe

Photo: Decoideas

  • SLATEPainting a wall or a skirting board with slate paint is a good way to let their creativity work.

decoración de dormitorios infantiles

Photo 1: Juju Zozo

You can even paint a cabinet or a chest of drawers that you already had, to give it a second life and use it in your room. Look at the closet of the next photo, a wise move.
decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Decopeques

  • GALLERY WALLIf you have a clear theme for the decoration of your room (for example, animals, or aviation), use it to create a composition of sheets with this theme and the color palette chosen, and make it the focal point of the room.

decoracion pared bebe

Photo: The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

como decorar una habitación de bebe

Photo: Apartament Therapy

decoracion pared bebe

Photo: Le-sojorner

  • DIY DECORATION (WALL OR PENDANT)As good a Diyyer as I am, I love these kites you can make yourself with two branches and a piece of cloth. It is an original idea and easy if you want to decorate one of the walls.

decoracion habitacion de bebe

Photo: Decopeques

The DIY crib mobile is also super easy to do and you have the freedom to choose the colors that best suit the environment. Colored cardstock, transparent fishing line, some sticks for the structure and vualá!

habitación bebe niño

Photo: Petit and small

Just like crib mobiles, you can make hanging balloons or other decorations that you can think of with colored paper and cardboard (see the second photo of the  Hand made Charlotte post).


You will discover how different a baby’s bedroom can become depending on the decorative style. And it is also easy to imagine how the parents (and the house) are behind the different rooms that I now teach you.

This is what you should try to achieve in your case, something that reflects you and is cozy for your baby.


The bohemian style does not follow patterns nor does it have strict norms. On the contrary, its grace and essence lies in mixing all kinds of styles with a certain unconcern.

It is a style that prefers soft and natural tones like brown, orange, white or green and flees the gaudy colors. Therefore, you can see in this photo that the colors that have been used for the decoration are soft and calm.


decoracion niños

Photo:Little Green Notebook

This other example has a more natural touch in that we see a carpet of classic style, very aligned with the style.

decorar habitacion de bebe habitación infantil

Photos: 100 Layer Cake-let;

Another feature of the Bohemian style is the plants. The larger the plants, the better, as this will increase the naturalness.

decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Petit and small

  • MODERNThis style basically consists of the search for simplicity.

    It is characterized by clear spaces with white walls and pure lines.

    An example of this style can be the one in the following photo:

decoracion de dormitorios infantiles

Photo: Homes to love


It is a style inspired in the 40s-50s, elegant, romantic air and combining antique designs with modern accessories. A return to the past without abandoning the present that is especially reflected in the design of furniture and decorative elements like moldings.

If you are a retro lover but do not know how to imagine your baby’s room in this style, check-out the following example:

ideas para decorar habitación bebe

Photo: Mademoiselle Claudine

  • INDUSTRIAL RUSTICInspired by the rural environment, this style feeds on the longing for the past seeking the true value of a home. It is a style based on everything natural, wood, metals and natural fibers. It complements very well with the industrial style that has its origin in the typical architecture of the industry (old ships of the New York of the 50) converted in houses.

    Usually has natural tones such as earthy, bone, beige, roasted, sand, terra cotta and some greens.

    This style also emphasizes the imperfect finishes and materials with footprint, that tell a story.

decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Mi armario en ruinas

To decorate the children’s room in this style look for pickled furniture, imperfect shapes like the staircase of the top image and include DIY elements (which bring their own imperfection). The combination of white and wood exists outside the Nordic style and in the previous photo you can verify for yourself.


Originally from Norway, Sweden and Denmark this style is simple, functional and comfortable with lots of light.

They are characterized by white walls, or a luminous tone, and the floors of natural materials in light tones. The finishes are always neutral and the color features are obtained with the complements and, above all, the use of different types of fabric.

habitacion bebe estilo nordico

Photo: Woontrendz

Very typical of this style are the rooms whose palette is based on white and light woods with accents of soft colors or the binomial white-black


It is about using furniture and other decorative elements of the 70’s in the case of the Seventies style, or of the mid-twentieth century in the case of the Mid Century Modern.

This style of decoration is based on Nordic style furniture with minimalist designs, that is, fairly simple and functional furniture in simple, linear and clean, subtle elegance.

It is also characterized by the elimination of ornamentation (the forms and structures are shown) and the protagonism of nature using natural materials such as wood and warm and natural tones.

decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Pinterest

  • The ethnic style uses elements of decoration of different cultures, especially of those more exotic and coming from the most distant places like Africa, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco, Easter Island, the gypsy towns, as well as Latin American cultures.The key of this style is the craftsmanship and therefore the prints and textiles (non-synthetic).

    The furniture can be of contemporary lines but also combines well with the rustic style.


decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Pinterest



Another possible way to consider the decoration of the baby’s room is according to the color palette. Although in this case the possibilities are as many as colors. You can see a few examples very well executed:


Both the environment of the room and the main elements are white.

decoración niños

Photo: Mommo design

Some very soft pastels are introduced to make a small contrast.

habitacion bebe niño

Photo: Espresso moments


Although a priori black may seem a color inappropriate for a child, the reality is that the combination of black and white with light woods is very elegant and fun for a children’s room.

decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Decopeques


 If you do not like risky or cheesy decoration, this can be your choice.

In addition it usually goes well with a house decorated in soft tones and with natural materials such as wood and fibers.

decoracion habitacion de bebe

Photo: Decorpad


TIP 3: Black is a color that along with a combination of pastel tones makes disappear the corny part of the set.

That’s why if you do not want to give up the soft colors for your baby’s environment but you want to take way the drippy touch in an instant, introduce black in one of the main elements of the room and problem solved!

decorar habitacion de bebe  ideas para decorar habitación bebe

Photos: Lay baby lay.

  • MULTICOLORThis palette is very typical of vintage styles as we saw before, it is very cheerful. If you choose it do not stay half-hearted and use bright and varied colors.

decorar habitacion de bebe

Photo: Style-files

This has been the tour of the different possibilities when decorating the room of your baby that I hope has inspired you and cleared some doubts.

Defined the style or path to follow, the next step that you must take is to look for where to buy everything you need. For this you will need the Guide to buy children’s decoration online that I will publish next week, with discounts included.

Meanwhile you have a week to go creating your own Moodboard with inspiration photos of what you like, looking good in Pinterest, Instagram, Google or decoration magazines. Fill it with ideas, colors, patterns, furniture and accessories that you like and next week we will go for them!