I would like to WELCOME you to Home archiLAB, a place I have created to share, with everyone who might be interested, my concerns, knowledge, doubts and successes in the decoration of my home

And what do I know about decoration that you don’t?

Well, we may have similar taste, or maybe you could teach me loads of stuff, because there are millions of different ways to live in one’s home and all of them can be equally good.

I am a creative soul who enjoys living in beautiful interiors (so much so that I decided to be an architect for the rest of my life).  Between what I learned from my profession, what I learned by myself, my creative spirit, and knowing what I like and what I don’t, I think it could be interesting to share so that you can use whatever inspires you most.

I’m tired of hearing “I find my home boring”, “I hate my decoration, it’s outdated”, “I have no idea about these things” … None of that!! No one better than you to know what you need, what works and how you like to enjoy, so no one better than you to get your “hands dirty” and change what doesn’t make you happy.  It’s just a matter of knowing where to start and I think I can help you with that.

I’d like to start this journey putting us in context with something that could help us focus, starting with those things that you must know if you want to decorate, reorganise, refurbish or even buy a new house.

1 – Pillars cannot be moved

No, no & no! It might sound obvious but I have come across many situations where I had to explain this point to customers.

They are a fundamental part of the stability of a building it is something that cannot be changed.

Some people might say: “I took away a pillar from my house”.  OK, technically it’s not impossible, but it totally depends on a case-by-case basis.  Obviously, this can only be done by a professional, and I am referring to an architect (not a builder, a construction worker, not even a quantity surveyor).  And believe me it better be really worth your while, given the investment and risk associated with such a job!

However, if you had the bad luck to have the pillar in the worst possible place, there are tons of things you can do to integrate it.  If you can’t beat them, join them! Making it an essential part of the decoration, for example:

about your house

Foto: En Paralelo Estudio

10 tips about your house

Foto: Habitissimo

Or you can for example use it as a shelf:

10 tips about your house

Foto: En Paralelo Estudio

These are just a few examples, but it’s such an extensive topic that I will publish a dedicated post on it.

2 – A well organised house gives a greater sense of space

If everything has its place in your house, this will help that nothing is out of its place because we will always know where to put it and that helps gain breadth in small homes.

Sometimes this can be difficult, especially with children, but if we know that everything has its place, this will make our life much easier.  The smaller the house (or likewise the more numerous the family), this becomes an even more important objective.

Organizing is an art, a way of life according to Marie Kondo who is revolutionizing the works with her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing” in which she teaches the difference between decluttering and organizing which one must know before you start.

The difference is if those objects that we are storing are things we really need (organizing) or not (decluttering).

10 tips about your houseFoto: Delikatissen

10 tips about your houseFoto: Mi casa revista

So … the whole idea on organizing has a lot to do with the next point.

3 – Getting rid of this you do not need, is vital.

Not everything you have stored throughout the years has to be permanently  displayed in your house.

According to Marie Kondo, organizing starts with eliminating.

One of the biggest problems we all have is to get rid of things that have been with us for a long time. However the first step to decorate your home is to do an in-depth clean-up and for that we have to do a selection of things based on categories according to the degree of happiness they bring us, not for their functionality.

OK, so there are absolute decorative marvels done by people that suffer Horror Vacui, but let’s leave that up to the professionals…and don’t turn into one of them!
10 tips about your houseFoto: Etxeco Deco

4 – Yes to mix-up styles

It could be enriching, and specifically you have to look for a decoration that is a reflection of your personality, and with which you identify with.

In my opinion, you don’t have to be very strict when it comes to decoration, and only sticking to one style.  Feel free to mix different styles, objects, textures, and colours you identify with, always looking for basic guidelines that harmonize and balance your composition.  And of course, never over do it, because extremes are never good!

10 tips about your houseFoto: My leitmotiv

5 – There are things that are best left to the professionals

OK, so the “Do it Yourself” thing is great, but you have to know that anything related to design/architecture will be of higher quality if you leave it to the professionals.  Needless to say if your refurbishment is so important that you need a construction permit or license.  But without getting into permits, a professional’s vision will always be the option of highest quality.

When structural elements are in place, mechanics & electronics, the intervention in façades, improvement of thermal insulation or the optimization of spaces with the interior distribution of your home … don’t doubt it, look for a professional.

6 – You can do a lot more things yourself than you can imagine

There are times that we just think we can’t do it ourselves.  But if you look at the many things that I have done with my own hands and you follow step-by-step, you’ll realize that this option is very real.

10 tips about your houseFoto: Vivir creativamente

7 – Obtaining what you like in magazines could be inexpensive

My best example is the home of Maria of Dr. Livinghome. She has transformed her kitchen and has decorated her living room and bedroom with exquisite taste and without spending too much money.  I recommend you visit this blog.

10 tips about your house Foto: Dr. Livinghome

10 tips about your houseFoto: Dr. Livinghome

8 – One can (and should) improve the functionality just by organizing your furniture.  

All homes have room for improvement in their functionality and organization of spaces.  There is no such thing as a “lost cause”.

Furthermore, sometimes the solution is easier than one would think and correctly organizing the furniture can make your room more spacious, with a better hierarchy, more usable, etc..

One only has to train the mind a bit to allow ideas to flow.  I’ll try and give you a few references and examples of well-solved situations that have proved inspiring.

9 – Recycling has great health benefits

There are lots of things that we have in our homes that just by changing their colour and a few other minor changes can become a wanted vintage object.  And there is nothing more satisfying than to have something super-trendy that has come out of a used object (or you bought it for 5€) and that you yourself have transformed.  Every time you look at it, you will feel a pride that I greatly recommend!

There are lots of things with huge potential and we don’t know.  But that’s why we’re here, to inspire crazy ideas that can make same object, look different.

10 tips about your houseFoto: Dr. Livinghome

10 – There is life outside Ikea

It’s true that in Ikea we can find really cool stuff at bargain prices and that we all have Ikea items (myself included).

But it’s also true that if we only fall back on Ikea, everything will look the same and  there is nothing worse than a home with no personality.

Starting from lots of furniture and objects from Ikea we can create our own personal style that no one else will have.

And there are many other places to catch good bargains.

All this is a sneak preview of what you will find in this blog.  I am open to answering all your suggestions or queries and for you all to suggest new topics.

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