Shortly after Home ArchiLAB was born I received a request for advice to decorate an entrance hall. It seemed like a very interesting subject to me because as Oscar Wilde said: «There is never a second chance to make a good first impression» and a house’s entrance hall is the first impression you have of it.

I know, not all halls are the same!

It is very difficult to talk about entrance halls in general and get it right, especially since it can be a corner you have at home, or access corridor, or even a direct entrance to the living room. But here you should find a flood of ideas that contemplate all possible halls and that you can intermingle and extrapolate to your particular case.

Never expect a magic solution, take ideas here and there and apply them your way, the most important thing is that your house says something about you.

There are two ways to address the solution to the entrance hall:

– Through its ENVIRONMENT (interventions according to configuration and characteristics of the space, accentuating the walls, etc.)

– or with ELEMENTS you can include in it.

We will begin with all those things that we can put into it, always keeping in mind usefulness (never forget this part). Magazine houses are only in magazines. Your house has to be practical and appropriate to your way of life. But that does not mean that you can not organize it stylishly.


Throughout the photographic journey the possible elements for your hall will be repeated, combined in different ways and with different styles, even though each point is dedicated to one of them.


Adding a mirror can give it a lot of space if the room is small.

decoración de recibidores

como decorar un recibidor

Photo 1: Dekorum. Photo 2: June Sixty Five

A mirror is very useful to give you a last look before you leave.

Especially if it is a vertical mirror, be careful not to face the door directly, because seeing yourself reflected when entering is not the best idea.

You can place it on the wall if your space is limited, or leaning on the floor.

decoración con estilo   recibidores de diseño Photo 1: Style lovely. Photo 2: Amber Interior Design

You can also play with the shape and arrangement of a set of small mirrors. Or for example a round mirror, letting it be the protagonist. Throughout this post you will see many more examples of round mirrors.

If you want inexpensive and simple DIY ideas to make your own mirror from Ikea Lots mirrors, you can see it here: ideas with Lots mirrors.


If you have enough space, putting an auxiliary piece of furniture always comes in handy to leave the keys, the mail and put some plant that will brighten the scene.

This is an option that combines well with a round mirror. If you are looking for a very light piece of furniture with straight shapes, it will make the round mirror the protagonist, without recharging the space.

If you need more storage but you like the idea of ​​lightweight furniture, instead of mirrors you can create an organizer for cards, keys, etc. like the one you see in the second photo below.

It is easy to do with a board, which you can either paint with blackboard paint (to be able to write on it) or it can be painted cork, in which you can nail photos or notes.

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor Photo 1: Homey Oh My. Photo 2: Mi Casa Revista

If even the storage is not enough you can go for a chestdrawer. The important thing is the size, always let it breathe on the sides and in this case do not recharge the decoration. A painting, a supported mirror, any plant or a lamp can complete it.

If you have some old furniture that you can refurbish, painting it is a very good solution, as I did with mine and you can see here:Makeover of a classic console with Chalk Paint.

Or you can put a shoe rack to be able to take off your shoes when you get home without being messy. In addition, these pieces of furniture usually occupy very little space.

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor

Photo 1: Kate la vie. Photo 2: Decoración facilísimo


For those who take off their shoes when they get home or simply to just create a waiting area upon entering, placing a bench is most useful.

Put some cushions of varied patterns and colors on top and some baskets or boxes underneath to store the shoes.

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor Photo 1: Casa hauss. Photo 2: Mi Casa Revista

Combining the bench with a coat rack is not the typical hall solution and above all really practical!

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor Photo 1: Little house of four. Photo 2: Inuk Home Blog

The bench of the photo from Little House of four, is also a DIY that you can see in the link of the caption and do it yourself.

In the four top photos you can see very different styles of using the bench. With which one do you identify more with?


For small homes, if you simply want a focal point when you get home, you can place a narrow shelf with a mirror on it.

Don’t tell me this takes space away from your entrance hall!

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor

Photo 1: Revista Casa Claudia. Photo 2: Gordon-Duff & Linton



Continuing with small houses, especially if you have high ceilings, it is a great idea to use the space that is above the doors as storage.

The key is to paint the shelf and the white stands the same color as the wall, so it does not look overloaded and has a spacious effect.

ideas recibidorPhoto: Delikatissen

Whenever you leave storage spaces in sight, use decorative or cloth-lined cardboard boxes, so you can store inside them things you do not want to be seen. It is also a good place to put books if you have lots of them and they do not fit at home.


A rug is always a good ally.

It can be the protagonist if you have a very neutral background  (first photo).

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor Photo 1: Tigmi Trading. Photo 2: Emily Henderson

Or it can be used as the entrance, if as is the case in the second photo, your entrance leads directly to an open space in which you do not have a support wall.

A beautiful carpet and a plant delimit the arrival space. If you also put a hanging bell on the wall, it is crystal clear. Why do you need anything else?


To complete your decoration, use baskets.

They are an extra storage that is always useful and also the natural fibers provide warmth to the room.

You can use them to leave your scarves, shoes, hats … Whatever you may need before you leave the door.

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor Photo 1: Design Love Fest. Photo 2: Casa Haus


What better than a coat stand in an entrance hall!

There are many ways to put it. In addition to standing racks, it can be suspended from the ceiling or on the wall.

In any case the set has to be balanced because if you just put a bar and fill it with junk, you will not get a cozy and tidy entrance hall.

IDEAS RECIBIDOR    ideas recibidor

Photo 1: Home Design Lover. PHoto 2: Daniel Wellington

Do not use it to hang all the coats you have in the house. Just leave some hangers, like 4 or 5 for the jacket you are using in the day and for a guest to hang yours.

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor Photo 1: A pair and a spare. Photo 2: The Deco Journal

If you put hangers on the wall, you can leave some free with the same purpose, but place some useful objects in the rest to give sense to the whole ensemble.

When I say useful objects I am speaking of baskets (you can use to it put the scarves and gloves inside, for example), hats (if you use them, I’m not a huge fan of putting on things with no sense) or a mirror.

You can also make your own coat rack with a branch. Follow the steps that I explain in this post where I made a Shelf swing, and then use it as a coat rack.


Plants, plants, plants! Everywhere!!

The plants complete any decoration. They give joy, freshness and go with any style.

Its organic forms and its color fill with life a minimalist or aseptic space in whites and blacks with very straight lines.

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor Photo 1: Due Home; Photo 2: Stage and coffee

You can try to imagine any of the photos of this post where plants appear, without them. You will see how it does not look the same!

And when I say plants, they are real plants, nothing plastic! Look for plants that are easy to care for, there are millions.

Make room for them and your house will experience a big change.

If you resist, you can also decorate with branches as you can see here: A very natural decoration with branches



The entance hall is usually a small space, narrow and many times with little light.

A beautiful ceiling lamp can be the protagonist of the scene without removing an inch of space and bringing the appropriate lighting.

  ideas recibidor

Photo 1: Brady Tolbert Photo 2: Atelier Rue Verte

You can also look for a floor lamp or table lamp if we have a piece of furniture to put it on, and let it be the protagonist.

ideas recibidor  ideas recibidor ideas recibidor

Photo 1: Visi; Photo 2: Bloglovin’; Photo 3: Heju

The lamp in the last photo is the absolute protagonist of the hall and serves as a hanger. You can do it yourself with copper tubes. Or you can make a pendant lamp like the one I explain in this post, with a wall shelf bracket: DIY hanging lamp.


Art and photographs are a good choice if you like to paint, or take pictures, or simply if you have pictures with character that can be the focus of attention.

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor Photo 1: Solebich; Photo 2: Kara Rosenlund

But watch out! Not everything goes. In my opinion, placing the typical sheets with phrases adds nothing and does not impart personality or character.

Always try to look for illustrations or paintings of landscapes or portraits that are not imitations of great works of art!

I leave you an article link (in English) of a decoration guru, Emily Henderson, talking about precisely this subject and explaining why you should avoid this: Read DESIGN MISTAKES: GENERIC ART by Emily Henderson. Here you can see clear examples.


If you are a passionate cyclist, an urbanite that pedals or simply do not have room in the house for your bike, why don’t you use it as decoration while you solve a storage problem?

Don’t tell me that this hall doesn’t look cool!
ideas recibidorPhoto: Descosfera

The key is in the range of colors generated by the bicycle. The delimited space with the painting and the carpet, and the natural materials like wood.

Cool, cheerful and practical!


Once we have clear the elements that we put in our entrance hall, it is time to approach the question from a spatial point of view, that is, to see what we can do according to the form that it has, the meters, etc.


If your entrance hall is the corridor itself, and you do not have natural lighting, or little of it, the first thing you should do is paint it white (or some light color).

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor

Photo 1: Days as they go by; Photo 2: Icons corner

Play with the length of it putting a rug that invites you to travel it.

Place objects that you find useful, such as coat racks, mirrors or pictures, sporadically along the way.

If you have a pillar it can be a good point to place a vertical mirror leaning on the floor, protected by it, creating a corner in which to stand as you see in the second photo.


In those cases where there is no space for a proper entrance hall, but rather a space in the corridor or entrance hall of the house, use the opportunity to place a shelf, or a coat rack, or even a bench.

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor

Photo 1: Découvrir endroit du decor; Photo 2: Planete deco

If you do not even have a small nook, if you only have a mini piece of free wall (or several) you can place the elements that we have seen before, hanging them on the wall at various points.

You do not have to give up having a mirror, a place to leave the keys or where to hang the bag just because you do not have a mansion! With these elements, the space will quickly acquire the character of an entrance hall.

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor Photo 1: Decoración 2.0; Photo 2: Nordic Days


Your available space may not be a corridor, but still be small. However you can take advantage of a very tight hanging furniture, or a shoemaker as we saw before.

Always use light colors, preferably white, and look for the furniture to be the same color as the wall. This will leave it undetected and wide.
ideas recibidorPhoto: Decorating your small space


In this case, if your access door enters directly into the living room but you would like to delimit the entrance, you can place a room separator using metalwork and glass.

In the case of the photo, as there is a side wall, the separator is in front.
ideas recibidorPhoto: Home deco

If you do not have a side wall, you can put the separator where the wall is with the coat rail, as in the case above.

ideas recibidor  ideas recibidor  ideas recibidor

Photo 1: Ikea; Photo 2: Pinterest; Photo 3: Decoesfera

In addition there are a thousand options to make this separator, it does not necessarily have to be glass and pay a carpenter for that. You can do it yourself with a donkey type racking and plants, with a modular shelf, wooden fruit boxes or even with a frame and crossed ribbons as I made this headboard!

ideas recibidor  ideas recibidor Photo 1: El Blog de DMC; Photo 2: Home archiLab

It would be exactly the same process, you can see it here: Geometric headboard.


The wallpaper can give a lot of character to your entance hall.

With a white area and combined with the rug gives it a fresh air.

You can emphasize only one wall or the whole environment, but if the paper is very striking perhaps only one focal point is sufficient.

ideas recibidor   ideas recibidor

Photo 1: Estilo escandinavo; Photo 2: Decorole

If you have a flat for rent and this option does not seem to be accepted by your landlord, you can create large panels with the wallpaper you like and hang them on the wall as if they were a painting. It will have a similar effect.

ideas recibidor    ideas recibidor Photo 1; Loomology; Photo 2: Emily Henderson


In this case you can do two opposite things with the door,

a) Accentuate it so that it is the protagonist, which makes a lot of sense in an entrance hall!

If you are not allowed to paint it because your home is rented, you can also decorate it with washi tape.
ideas recibidorPhoto: Delikatissen

b) Paint it the same color as the wall.

This is especially interesting on small floors as it will automatically appear as if the space is larger and will create a uniform backdrop on which to highlight furniture and accessories.

ideas recibidor   ideas recibidor

Photo 1:  Coco Lapine Design  Photo 2:The inspired room

If you paint carpentry the same color as the wall, you will automatically make any space appear larger and also create a uniform base on which furniture and accessories will be highlighted


If your house is old and you are lucky to be able to keep the original brick, this alone can give a lot of character to your entrance hall.

ideas recibidorideas recibidor   ideas recibidor Photo 1: La Garbatella; Photo 2: nordiskehjem

If this is not the case, you can also tile the wall with imitation tiles.


This last proposal is very related to the previous photo of the bicycle, but in this case applying it in general.

If you have a white environment, you can paint a horizontal strip on which to highlight all the accessories of your entrance hall. This visually organizes the space and makes everything seem much more orderly.

Imagine the picture below without the strip (the whole white wall) and you will realize that it would not be the same, the other elements alone do not say much. It is a good solution and very cheap, if all you can afford are accessories (shelves, racks, etc.) type Ikea, which are very common and not very valuable by themselves.

ideas recibidorPhoto: Trendenser

But if the style of that photo is not of your taste, do not think that it is the only way to apply it. Look at this other photo where there is a white pedestal and on it wallpaper with floral print.
ideas recibidorPhoto: Anthropologie

I am sure that in these 20 proposals you have seen many things that fit with you and with your entrance hall, however it may be.

Do not just consider them independently, but mix those ideas that fit you the most and give it your personal touch.

What is the idea that you most liked?