A few days ago a fellow follower, Bea, through a comment in the Flower pots post ideas, asked me to reuse some LOTS Ikea mirrors she had at home.
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The set consists of 4 mirrors of 15×15 cm each, with adhesive backs to glue them directly to the wall.

Bea told me that her mirrors had lost the adhesive but she wanted to somehow reuse them, to place in the hallway of her home.

The truth is that these mirrors are cheap and have many DIY possibilities, so I proposed the following ideas to reuse them in a simple and cheap way, being able to adapt to several styles:

1- Add a frame with branches
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This option is as simple as gluing the mirrors on a cardboard or a wooden board of MDF that is bigger than the mirror and therefore extends beyond of its perimeter.

On the edges that protrude from the perimeter, you can place some dry branches, or dry leaves, whatever option you prefer.

IDEA: In the case that you want a natural feel but would also like to to add some specific colors, you could paint some of those leaves or branches in different shades of the same range and mix these with unpainted ones. This is a more lively effect without losing its natural feel.

You can also glue them together without leaving the board, on the cardboard, and thus obtain a 30×30 cm mirror plus what the centimeters the frame extends, which should be no less than 5 cm per side. The end result will be a mirror of minimum 45x45cm with frame included. (Option A)

Or you can do it in each of the mirrors, using different frame sizes in each mirror (that is, have more or less cardboard / wood come out of each mirror on which to glue its elements) and thus make a collection of these frames. Option B)
ideas DIY espejos Lots

I leave the post of Oro y Menta explaining the step-by-step process for this mirror with branches: IKEA LOT OF MIRROR WITH FRAME OF BRANCHES to which you can introduce your own touch.
ideas DIY espejos Lots Oro y menta

2- Wall gallery with mirrors and plants

If you like natural decoration, you can combine the idea above with framed plants’ leaves.

ideas DIY espejos LotsDeleite design


That is, the idea would be to frame separately the four Lots mirrors with dry leaves or branches and then hang them, creating a wall gallery on the wall interleaving leaves and framed plants.

Framing the leaves is not a very complicated task, just try to use a simple frame that you can find for example in Ikea, and put the leaf of your plant between two plexiglas sheets, or between two glass sheets.

If you in addition chose a plant with thin and elongated leaves, you can create a ligament taffeta with them, like the one in this photo:

ideas DIY espejos Lots Monsters Circus

You can follow here the ‘step by step’ and the materials to do it 

If you like this type of ideas with branches, do not miss this post: natural decoration at zero cost.

3- Mirror hanging from a chain.

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Glue the mirror (or set of 4) onto a MDF wood board about 5 mm thick.

You can add a metallic frame with a metallic U-shaped rim. You can find this rim in any large hardware store such as Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus, etc. They usually sell them on long rods that you will have to cut.
ideas DIY espejos Lots

Paint the rim with spray paint or a brush of the color that best suits your decoration. It can be golden as in the image, or copper, black, white …

Set a hook on each side, screwed on the back to the wooden board. Make sure that the screw is not longer than the thickness of the wood so as not to cross it completely.
ideas DIY espejos Lots

On each hook, insert the end of a chain or a leather strap or whichever you prefer. And with that you have the mirror ready!

As in the previous case, you can assemble them all together or separately.
ideas DIY espejos Lots ApartmentTtherapy.

Take into account the dimensions and weight of the set when buying the hook and the chain. It is not the same to hang each one independently, than to hang the four together, as in this case they will weigh more and you will have to proportionally increase the size of everything, including the thickness of the wood.

If you want it to be much more original simply hang them from the vertex:
ideas DIY espejos Lots Urban outfitters

4- Mirror in a 3D checkerboard

In this case what I propose is to buy 15x15cm wooden boards of different thicknesses and to glue mirrors on each of them.

The wood will have to be sanded and varnished with a varnish of the tone that you prefer.

ideas DIY espejos Lots

At the store where you buy the wooden boards, ask them to cut the woods to the right size. In big stores, they usually offer this service for free.

If you are very slick and have the right tools (or a nearby carpenter for example) you can make quoins with the wood, instead of a prism with parallel faces. This will let you play with the volume, altering the focus planes, although this option will work if you have many mirrors, not just 4 units.

ideas DIY espejos Lots

Elements style blog

5 – Mirror on a table.

Similar to the first two options, in this one we will also need a MDF board on which to glue our mirrors that we will have to previously paint a dark color (remember to also paint the edges).
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The idea is to glue them leaving a small gap of 1 cm between them. For this you will have to buy a wood whose dimensions are N (number of mirrors) x 15 cm + 1 cm for each interior joint. Here are two examples:
ideas DIY espejos Lots

This will form a new bigger mirror that we can place on top of the furniture that we have in the hall. For this option, it is advisable to use more than 4 LOTS mirrors, so that as it is leaning on the furniture, it is tall enough that we can see ourselves.

You can hang it on the wall if you want by attaching some hangers, although placed mirrors are becoming popular and I think this option of not hanging is the clear winner.
ideas DIY espejos Lots Estilo y deco

Within this same idea, you can also leave an area of the table uncovered and use it to add small shelves where to leave things or put a candle or a plant.

In this case if you want to leave the board unpainted should be made by natural wood (not MDF), just to varnish it.

ideas DIY espejos Lots Eco deco mobiliario

How to place the shelves on the side?

I leave you an original and versatile idea (you can rearrange it a thousand times as you need) to make only on the empty side of the board. Ideal for an entrance hall:

ideas DIY espejos Lots The Merry Thought

Puedes seguir los pasos aquí.

6- The false mirror

Similar to the previous option, but on the wall, you can paint an area that would be the frame of your set and within this space, glue the mirrors.

To glue them, if they have already lost the adhesive that they came with, you can buy double-faced strong tape. I recommend the tape indicated for exteriors because it is stronger. If your wall is smooth it will stick very well. However do not try this option on walls with gotelé because it does not stick well.

ideas DIY espejos Lots Dirt Stains and Paint

ideas DIY espejos Lots Inovodecor.com

7- Mirror in detail

It depends on what is your style, but you may want to give it a Parisian style in the joints between mirrors.

For this, with the help of a mold, you can make some small plaster flowers and paint them gold.

It will be enough to paste them on each joint.

You can see the idea in this post of Alquimia Deco.

ideas DIY espejos Lots Alquimia Deco

8- Mirror raised to 3

To propose some ideas out of the ones described above, finally I propose to do something completely different.

It involves assembling a cube with the mirrors, instead of mounting a flat wall mirror.

I’ll leave you a Design and Form tutorial so you can do it with your mirrors LOTS: DIY – MIRROR CUBE

ideas DIY espejos Lots

Design and form

This option is very original, it allows you to include a mirror in the hall, which is a fairly common idea but in a very very original way.

You can also make a cube that does not have the upper lid and that serves to leave objects inside. For example mail, the keys, etc.

And this is it, I hope I have helped Bea, but also offered you creative and possible solutions to give a new life to Ikea’s LOTS mirrors.