Just a month ago I presented The decoration of MY LIVING ROOM: Final result (click on the name to see it). But the truth is that my decoration is changing every day, I move things and I try this here and this therem until I get the balance that I like. This is a way to decorate with little money or re-decorate. But only a month after, here I am showing it to you again with some changes and new acquisitions.


The intention is to see that you can really have a lot of fun evolving your home day by day without spending money, simply moving things around. And so, just as you make closet changes according to the seasons, you can also give a different air to your house.

This is exactly what I did with the console that I have as a lobby in a corner of the room. A classic mahogany console that I transformed by painting it with Chalk Paint and you can see here:  Makeover of a classic console with Chalk Paint.

My corner-entrance has evolved like this:

decoración salon  cambios decoracion salon

Photo © Home archiLAB

The initial idea was to put fresh flowers in the vase, but it seemed like an oasis in my living room because the colors did not quite fit in with the rest.

Then there is a chaos of decoration that does not harmonize and an excess of pastel colors.

So, I moved a few things I had for other shelves, etc and I’ve got a result that I like a lot more.
decorar con poco dineroPhoto © Home archiLAB

The bigger picture and less color interferes less and harmonizes more with the set.
decorar con poco dineroPhoto © Home archiLAB

The three ceramic containers of the living-room tones with the black and white book box produces an interesting result. And above all the black color along with pastel colors is the key so that it does not appear childish.

In fact I am thinking of painting the handles of the furniture in black, as well as the stand of the plant.
decorar con plantasPhoto © Home archiLAB

The pilea peperomioides is one of my favorite plants of the house and gives the cheerful point with its blast of leaves and its intense green.

The key, less variety of color and the introduction of black and ethnic pattern of the box.

I now show you a new element that has landed in my house by chance: an Indian tea table made of brass and worked wood.
decorar con poco dineroPhoto © Home archiLAB

I found it by chance in an antiquarian that I did not know about, one day that we had gone to see the Dublin Botanical Gardens. It was love at first sight. I did not know if it would fit or where it would go, but I bought it anyway.
cambios decoracion salonPhoto © Home archiLAB

The board is like a gong, it is made of brass engravings. The legs can be folded.

In the store I was given a purchase certificate with the current date and the source. You’re probably thinking that it cost me a fortune but the truth is that it only cost me 65 €.

This is how this corner has evolved:

nueva decoracion  cambios decoracion salonPhoto © Home archiLAB

And that’s the result of my reading corner, which needed a support to be truly comfortable.
decorar con poco dineroPhoto © Home archiLAB

I love sitting in the armchair when I have to finish something on the computer at night after dinner and I do not want to isolate myself in another room away from Charli. Or when I have to read something, paint my nails or sew.

It also provides an extra seat when we have a visit that does not come too bad since we only have a sofa where you can sit three but you only two can really lie down (two that like each other very much).

And speaking of new elements and brass, another newcomer is this Tibetan bowl. What is that?

cambios decoracion salonPhoto © Home archiLAB

Well I had no idea either but I feel very attracted to objects from other cultures and at a flea market in a town west of Ireland, this caught my attention.

decorar con poco dineroPhoto © Home archiLAB

For centuries, Tibetan lamas and wizards have made and used special metal bowls to induce deep well-being, relaxation and meditation, as well as to treat certain ailments of the body and mind.

With the deck you make the edge vibrate and by continuing to rub along th edge, you maintain the sound.

Here you can see how it works:

Video © Home archiLAB

What drew my attention? Apart from what I told you about my passion for discovering other cultures, for their color.

I had the new brass Indian tea table and needed to add these colors in some saloon points to give it support.

decorar con poco dineroPhoto © Home archiLAB

For that reason I also painted in this color one of the frames of the Gallery Wall. But to see my new Gallery Wall you’ll have to wait for the next post as I’ll dedicate a whole article to it. I leave a little advance:

decorar con poco dineroPhoto © Home archiLAB

To finish I just wanted to show you a simple trick with which I hid a tangle of cables.

The plug for the TV is right on the side wall to it so you had to carry the cables in the most disguised way possible. But I was sure there were two or three cables and there would be no problem.


Charlie got to it and when he finished he almost gave me a heart attack: millions of cables, router, TV, Play Station, the channel terminal, etc. and that adds thousands of strips and adapters because our connections were Spanish and here the plugs are different.

What I did was as simple as using a shoe box to hide all the connections and leave only the main cables in sight. Surely you can improve a lot but for now I think it was worth it!

ocultar cables salonPhoto © Home archiLAB

If it were not for the box, all that mess would be behind the furniture on the floor but it would be seen since it has legs.


As you will see the decoration changes just as we ourselves change our image, we cut our hair or buy new clothes. It is a constant evolution that is fun if you do it just for fun.

What do you think of the changes?