Seeing the success of the post about  La nueva vida de una ESTANTERIA sin mucha gracia,

in which we saw how to transform it through a coat of paint, this time I bring you a new makeover of a classic console with painting.

In the first house that I shared with Charlie in Madrid, as I told you in the previous bookcase post, we had a mishmash of inherited and recycled furniture, and among them was a classic console given by his Aunt L and that was in our entrance hall.

Makeover consola

The truth is that it is a nice piece of furniture because it has lathed legs and a small shelf above the table. In addition it had two drawers that were fundamental in our live’s, mainly in Charlie’s life, who emptied his pockets in the drawers upon arriving home every day. My goodness how many things can fitsin a boy’s pockets! Then men talk about our handbags …

The thing is that I was delighted that things were left inside and I did not see the disaster!

So the console came with us to Dublin.

When I started thinking about the new decoration for the living room, the mahogany console did not fit … but instead of discarding it and buying something else that would not be half the quality, I decided to paint it with Chalk Paint.

To inspire me in terms of colors and possible techniques, I started to search on the internet. I found things as cool as this dresser painted in oil blue:
Furniture Makeover Thirty Eighth Street

Or this other painted in blue sky, keeping the top in wood and with change of handles:

Furniture Makeover Blesser House

In both cases I love the color part, but they are also more robust furniture than mine, with drawers to the floor, more type sideboard than console.

Other options that I found interesting are these tables that have kept the legs in their original color:

Furniture Makeover Ferpie and Fray

Furniture Makeover Ferpie and Fray

In my case, this option was discarded since the original color of my table was mahogany and it was precisely the color I wanted to avoid. However, I think that this is one of the best ideas and I leave it to you in case your case works. Notice that the handles have also changed. The result is spectacular in my opinion.


To add some detail to this type of furniture you can decorate the sides of the drawers, it is only visible when opening the drawer so if you want a simpler look, a priori this is a good solution:

Furniture Makeover Canary Street Crafts

How to make this type of decorations on a piece of furniture?

Either on the front or on the sides of the drawers, the technique to be used is Stencil.

Definitely, this console excited me and was the one that marked my decision to use the turquoise light blue and apply an aged feel on the edges and corners. To decorate the sides of the drawers I used a template.

Makeover consola Perfectly imperfect blog

Once decided, the materials I needed were:

  • Painting: AUTHENTIC VINTAGE color WINTER SKY, for the furniture
  • Painting: AUTHENTIC VINTAGE color IVORY, for the sides of the drawers
  • Brush, palette, rag
  • Sandpaper


If you have doubts about when to use primer or not, or wax finishing, and what types of Chalk Paint paint, I leave you this link where it is clearly explained by Crea Decora Recicla:  Chalk Paint, pintar sin lijar ni decapar.

About the process, it is simple but laborious. I leave a few notes to keep in mind to correctly execute the steps:

1- Thoroughly clean cabinet from any dust remains

Protect with duck tape the parts that you do not want to paint, such as the drawer handles or hinges (if there are any).

2- Apply the primer with a brush or palette.

This step in my case was fundamental not because of the type of paint I used, since Chalk Paint Vintage does not need it, but because with reddish woods like mine, it is advisable to use primer.

Allow to dry completely according to the Primer used. The primer leaves an optimum finish for painting, very silky and smooth and makes the paint grip better and thus need fewer layers.

3- Apply the painting of the chosen vintage line, in my case the color is Winter Sky.

For the lathed areas, legs, and wooden openwork it is necessary to use a brush or pallet. However for larger and smooth surfaces you can use a roller. In this case, I did not use it since I wanted to add some texture to the surface of the table.

Let the paint dry and apply as many coats as necessary until it is completely covered. They usually need between 2 and 3 coats, in my case 3 were necessary. Between each coat, it is advisable to pass a smooth sanding.

Makeover consola chalk paint

4- On the sides of the drawers I first applied a white paint (Authentic Ivory color) across the side (4 sides as it had 2 drawers).

After drying, I applied with a sponge the main painting Winter Sky by means of a stencil. For this, you have to place the stencil on the furniture, wet the sponge with paint and apply soft strokes with it on the stencil.

Makeover consola stencil

My recommendation is that you load very little paint since it can leak out of the template clippings if there is too much. With Stencil, less is always more.

5- Sand wherever we want the color of the original wood to give an old effect. When we have furniture that has a lot of marquetry work, that effect is easy to get. You have to sand it where the furniture would naturally wear out by use, that is, in corners, edges of moldings, lower legs, where it has parts that protrude … Or wherever you like!


6- Once dry, the last thing is to apply the finishing wax. With a cotton cloth or a brush. In my case I applied the transparent wax to keep the color unchanged.

And so here you see the transformation of the console. It does not look the same!

This furniture serves as a hall in my house although it is not located in the hall of the house since it is very small and without any free wall (full of doors and cabinets). But it’s the first thing you find when you enter the livingroom and we use it as an empty-pockets.

By the way, if you need ideas for you entrance hall, don’t miss: 20 ideas for an irresistible entrance hall.

On it I placed a sheet that Charlie bought in Rome when he was living there. It is a watercolor that represents a street in Rome and captures the essence of the city for those who know it well, with Mediterranean colors and light.

Makeover consola chalk paint

The color is perfect because it is soft, a pastel color that will put the discordant note in the decoration of the room, which I will show you when I finished it.

Makeover consola chalk paint

I kept the original handles because I think they have the right tone and size with the new console image, don’t you think?

Makeover consola chalk paint

The worn out areas give it an old appearance reinforced with the most classic form of furniture.

Makeover consola chalk paint

Makeover consola chalk paint

On the sides of the drawers are the details made with the stencil, when opened. I think they give a rather unique and flirtatious detail. What do you think?

Makeover consola chalk paint

Do you have any old furniture you are thinking of upgrading? Do you have any idea how? You can tell me in the comments.