One of the fundamental parts of the decoration of a house are textiles. For example, a sofa or a bed can change radically depending on the cushions we place above and depending on the cushion combos you place you can adapt your decoration for the season of the year.

Look at these pictures below as the decoration has passed from summer to autumn only with the change of textiles.


Photo1 : Emily Henderson; Photo 2 : Emily Henderson

You can have several covers according to the season and change them every so often, so you never tire and you are prepared to receive the new season with the enthusiasm of new decoration.

And as we said, cushions are a key piece that not only brings comfort and warmth but that determines the decoration. You can find millions of beautiful ones, but how do you know if they work well together?

Following Emily Henderson´s advices

and some others I have made a list of the KEY to mix and match cushions without fear of getting it wrong.

  • Keep a limited color palette

It limits the colors of the prints to three or four maximum: a main color, an accent color and one or two small color touches. However this does not mean to be too perfectionist with this, ie, within each color move freely in the range.

In the next photo we see how the shades of blue and garnet vary from one cushion to another, however the color palette is maintained.

Photo: El Mueble

The same thing happens in this other image with the shades of blue and beige.

Photo: Emily Henderson

  • Mix patterns on different scales

Avoid placing patterns of similar size so that they do not compete with each other. In order to do this, make sure they are far enough to easily differentiate them. A larger scale print, a small scale and a single color print is a good formula.

If you do not know how to determine the scale simply look at whether the prints are similar. If they are, then they are of the same scale.

In the following photo you can see several prints mixed in different scales, keeping the color palette in white, black and gray.

combinar cojines

Photo: Blanco y madera

This other photo distinguishes a smaller print (the blue cushion of vertical stripes), another medium (cushion stripes white and orange stripes) and another large scale (cushion horizontal stripes black, white and cream).

Photo: Emily Henderson

  • Limit the number of prints

Introducing an excess of prints can ruin the combination and become overloaded. As a general rule there should be no more than two or three different prints on the same sofa or bed (three to five in the same room). Introducing cushions of a single color allows the eye to rest.

combinar cojines

Photo: Gravity home

Photo: Apartment Therapy

  • Place the prints in a balanced way

If you mix several prints, in addition to following the rule of scale and quantity, distribute them so that their visual weight is balanced and not all grouped in the same point.

Looking at the picture below, if the black blanket was on the other side of the couch, there would be an excess of prints on one side and solid colors on the other and it would not be visually balanced.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

The same in this other photo where the printed cushions are each to one side.

mezclar cojines

Photo: Decoratio

  • Vary textures, especially on single color cushions

Mixing cotton, linen, wool, velvet, hair, etc. makes the whole look much more interesting and timeless.

combinar cojines

Photo: Instagram

Photo: El Mueble

  • If you want to give prominence to a cushion, let this be the focal point through color

The cushions that accompany this accent cushion should move away from these strong colors and look for the softer tones while maintaining the color palette. This can be a resource to use if you are looking for a more serene combination.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

By the way, if this is your idea I recommend you keep an eye on the cushions of Alfombras Étnicas.

Handmade fabrics in the South American highlands. No two are alike, each has a story. I go crazy all kinds of crafts so this was not going to be less.

  • Organize correctly, placing the larger ones behind

For larger sofas you can place square cushions of 60 or 65 cm in the back. If the sofa is not very large, this level of large cushions would be 50 cm. Then 40- or 45-cm cushions would be placed in front of the larger ones and finally a touch could be added with a smaller rectangular or circular cushion in front.


Photo: Home you

  • Use odd numbers

This is a rule that ALWAYS works in decoration: things placed in odd-numbered groups are more attractive.

I’ll tell you more, the number THREE is magical, mix cushions in groups of three and you will get it right.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

  • Match with the headboard

For the bed, put on the first level a color that contrasts with the headboard and with the rest of cushions look for the connection with this through the color palette.

Photo: Cupo fijo

Following these tips will never again get it wrong when it comes to knowing if a textile combination will work or not.

If you still feel insecure I leave you a SHOPPING LIST with 10 combinations of cushions, in different styles and color palettes.

It serves to review the concepts we have just seen, since in each combination the tips are put into practice. In addition each one includes the price, the shop and the link to buy them online.


Links: CUSHION 1 H&M Home / CUSHION 2 West elm / CUSHION 3 La Redoute

Links: CUSHION 1 H&M Home / CUSHION 2  La Redoute / CUSHION 3 Zara Home

Links: CUSHION 1 H&M Home / CUSHION 2 Serena&Lily / CUSHION 3 La Redoute

Links: CUSHION 1 IKEA / CUSHION 2 La Redoute / CUSHION 3 West elm

Links: CUSHION 1 La Redoute  / CUSHION 2 La Redoute /CUSHION 3 West elm

Links: CUSHION 1 Zara Home /CUSHION 2 Zara Home / CUSHION 3 Serena&Lily

Links: CUSHION 1 West elm / CUSHION 2 West elm/ CUSHION 3 IconsCorner

Links: CUSHION 1  La Redoute  / CUSHION 2 hhhaus / CUSHION 3 Zara Home

Links: CUSHION 1 hhhaus / CUSHION 2 Pepitablanca / CUSHION 3 Pepitablanca

Links: CUSHION 1 Zara Home / CUSHION 2 La Redoute / CUSHION 3 Toctoc infantil

Which is your favorite?

For my new bedroom, which you will see soon finished, I would go to the hair number 3 or 6.

What is my bedroom like? Here are some clues if you have not yet seen it: Upholstered headboardDIY MirrorDecorative ladder.

If you feel insecure and would like to make a risky combination, or do not know where to find cushions online, write your doubt in comments and I’ll help you.