We all know what it is to see in magazines those lovely houses full of warmth and details that make you want to be inside them and not go out at all on the street! And something that characterizes them are usually the natural materials that bring a lot of warmth and all those lovely touches here and there that take away your breath away. And you think: what a style! Sure it’s all expensive!!

Well, what I want to show you in this post is to open your mind, because there are many ways to have small details that are totally fashionable, that give that natural air at practically zero cost.


We are going to see some examples of natural decoration with BRANCHES. In addition it is a detail that fits with almost all the styles and doesn’t go out of fashion.

In cold times it will help us create a winter atmosphere at home and in summer they bring a rustic and ecological touch that gives a very fresh air to the house.
Deco ramas RDiseño Estilo escandinavo –  Habitissimo

Furthermore the branches are very versatile because by giving them a touch of colour and applying a simple DIY, we can get them to adapt to almost any corner and style: in a children’s room, a living room or a bedroom.

Don’t you have Christmas ornaments that are really expensive? Are you tired of the same balls, stars, tinsels and ornaments from 3 centuries ago?

Decorate the branches properly and you will have a minimal and ecological Christmas tree. And don’t tell me that it doesn’t look really cute!


I’ll show you what I did with the branches in my house. I didn’t have to go far to find them because Dublin is the emerald island, so in the same garden of my home I was able to get three or four branches that had fallen from a tree.

The length depends on what you want to get, in my case I would put them in a vase on a table, but if they are longer they could have been placed in a vase on the floor.

Ideally you would select some with small branches and other thicker branches that don’t have the small ones. The combination is more visually attractive than if they are all the same, but choose them without thinking too much, nature is imperfect.

decoration at zero cost

You can use them in their natural colour or you can give them a personal touch to fit your decoration or corner.

If so, the next step is to paint them, with a white paint in my case. I used “Chalk Paint Eggshell finish Bright White” paint because of the whites I had at home. This was the purest, least yellowish, and bearing in mind that the walls of my house are painted beige (which I am not too excited about), was how they would stand out over the walls.

You can use any other paint you have, not necessarily Chalk Paint, as this is more expensive. I should highlight that this paint is very very useful for other things, and you will see, if you follow the blog, that I use it recurrently for wood, metal, plastic, natural fibers … That’s why I always have some at home.

We will also need a medium-sized brush (2 “as a reference, but any you have around the house will work).

The process is as simple as painting the branch with the drained paintbrush, non-continuously, but leaving areas uncovered, stretching the paint that the brush has.

decoration at zero cost

In the case of Chalk Paint let it dry for an hour, although if you leave it for several hours, even better. For any other paint, consult the brand’s drying time on the container.

All you have to do is put them in a vase that is wide and high enough, and move them to a place of your liking. I did tests in my bedroom, both with the painted branches and the natural ones:

decoration at zero cost Which one do you like most?

I have also used them to decorate my reading corner of the living room:

decoration at zero cost decoration at zero cost

Finally I used them as a Christmas tree.

For this I chose the ones painted in white because it more naturally evokes for me snow, winter and Christmas. I hung some Christmas decorations on the branches. I do not recommend putting a lot on them, possibly some loose decorations that stand out among the branches but that at the same time do not remove the charm of our natural Christmas tree.

decoration at zero cost   decoration at zero cost

A very simple decoration to which you can get out very much!

What do you think about how it fits in my living room?

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